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Akaditi – Mindset Training for Agility Level 1

Mindset training for agility is a specific type of mindset training that focuses on developing the ability to adapt to change, be open to new experiences, and quickly shift gears as needed. It is particularly useful for individuals and organizations that operate in fast-paced environments and need to be able to respond to changing circumstances quickly and effectively.

Duration: 6 hours
Rate: $399.00 for individuals

Akaditi – Africanising Agility Course

It’s time to localise Agile in your African environment to improve your work practices, improve your agility and link it back to the African cultural environment. We link Agile to African proverbs, parables, philosophy and management practices that enable Organisation and teams to localise Agile in Africa.

Duration: 6 hours
Rate: $399.00 for individuals

Akaditi – Introduction to Agile Training Course: Embracing an Agile Way of Working

Agile is still challenging traditional ways of working and making Organisations, teams and individuals to tap into a range of management and technical practices with particular emphasis on continuous improvement.

Duration: 6 hours
Rate: $399.00 for individuals

Akaditi  – Introduction to Scrum with a Scrum Simulator Training course

Scrum is a popular Agile framework used to develop and manage complex products and projects. Scrum uses Sprints (small timeboxes) to deliver in an iterative and incremenatal way. Scrum is used globally by many Organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Duration: 6 hours
Rate: $399.00 for individuals

Akaditi – Kanban For Teams and Projects

Transform Your Way of Working with Kanban and Flow Metrics (Throughput, Cycle time, Work Item Age and Work in Progress). Teams need a way to get into Kanban and to use this as a learning opportunity to innovate.

Duration: 6 hours
Rate: $499.00 for individuals

Akaditi – Kanban For Leaders – Transform Your Leadership with Kanban

Kanban is a powerful strategy to optimise how we manage, lead and grow our Organisations.

Duration: 12 hours (2 Days)
Rate: $899.00 for individuals

Applied Professional Kanban

ProKanban Course that comes with a ProKanban/Akaditi Certificate. A Way to Optimise the Flow fo Value Across Your Organisation. It’s important to be able to manage operations effectively, efficiently and predictable.

Duration: 6 hours
Rate: $799.00 for individuals.

SAFe Scrum Master

Join our “Kanban for Leaders” course, designed by ProKanban and Akaditi, to empower leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement Kanban in their organizations. This course is tailored for executives, managers, and team leaders who want to enhance their strategic planning, team management, and resource allocation through the principles of Kanban.

Duration: 12 hours (2 Days)
Rate: $799.00 for individuals.

Akaditi – Red Team Thinking

In todays uncertain and volatile world, Organisations need Red Team Thinking in order to challenge Group Think and Complacency. You can stress test your strategies and use Battlefield tested ideas to shake up how you think, work and how you prepare your Organisation for disruption. Apply techniques and practices to improve your analytical skills (We will explore System 1 and System 2 Thinking and many other techniques to make you think, think critically and think fast)

Duration: 6 hours
Rate: $699.00 for individuals



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