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In a world driven by software, we are convinced that Agile can help accelerate the pace of innovation so that companies create products users love. At Akaditi, we are absolutely dedicated to making your entire company faster, leaner and more Agile. In fact, we think helping you be “on time and on budget” is a pretty low bar for success. We want you to consistently win product awards. We want you to be in control of your own destiny, because no matter how fast things change, you will have the speed and agility to create your next generation of growth.


Transforming our world through Agility and Exponential Thinking.

We’re an Agile partner with a team of Agile coaches, trainers, scrum masters, product owners, developers and solution architects and we are a partner with Scrum.org in Africa and the UK. We offer comprehensive training. coaching and consulting services that help your teams and leaders navigate the Organisational change required to become a great, innovative, Agile business. “Akaditi’s leadership are experts in scrum and organisation transformation and have a passion for chasing value and not profit.

We think profit is great however if you stay linear and focus your corporate strategy only on becoming more profitable rather than on “creating more value”, then we believe that your organisation will struggle to compete and fail to see the opportunities and possibilities that exist to create a permanent transformation platform that is always ready to embraces change. To survive in today’s rapidly changing world only the exponential organisation (ExO) will excel.

Why increase your Agility or become Agile?

Building a great, Agile business is not easy – though most Agile business leaders and consultants find it’s easier to produce great, innovative products when they use Agile practices.

Put simply, Agile helps you focus on your customers No 1 priortiy at any given point in time, minimize all sorts of risks, roots out waste, shortens development cycles both in your IT and non IT departments. It ensures you are always working on the most important needs of the business.

If you’re considering or ready to adopt or expand your Agile and Lean efforts you can contact us for a walkthrough our approach and framework. Akaditi’s products and Agile services can make your life easier.



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