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AkaDiti scrum studio


Product Design & Delivery

We take your idea and turn it into a POV (Proof of value) or POC (Proof of Concept) in our Soko Tech Team because we don’t believe in using Power Points, Word, PDFs or any other documents to engage you. We build Apps and websites using a simple common sense approach, we use everyday language not technical jargon so clients are able to enjoy the development and project management process. We apply design and lean thinking.

Agile Services

The Transformation, Training, Coaching and Consulting Team

We provide solutions that guide your journey towards improving your agility and managing change: We focus on what we call the Twin Towers of Change. Business and Technology Change. We can kick off a few plots with one or two teams, help you scale up to more than 100+ Teams and support your entire Enterprise Agile and Digital Transformation. We use a simple roadmap to kick off the engagement outlining what the key deliverables are on a timeline so that it feels like a journey not a big bang approach. 



The Events Team

We organize and promote Scrum and Agile events in Africa and the UK. We have created not just a platform for change but a global movement. This is a growing community both in Africa and around the World. Our annual UK Event www.scrumdaylondon.com and our Africa Event in Accra, Ghana www.agileinafrica.com are both leading events in the Global Agile Community. We have established a track record, the journey to raise awareness and connect people to Agile practices across Africa and the UK has not been easy but we have gained respect for our persistence and resilience. We are crazy to think we can change the World and we are changing the World one Scrum Team at a time. We are strategic partners with www.scrum.org who are also one of our key sponsors from 2015. Agile and Scrum are changing the World, join us and let’s share some great experiences together and help make the world a better place.



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Accra Digital Centre,
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Accra – Ghana.
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71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London

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