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Cybersecurity Resilience and Agile Ways of Working


Personal Immediate Benefit

    1. Strengthened Security Awareness: By increasing staff members’ knowledge of cybersecurity threats and best practices, the organisation can significantly reduce the likelihood of security breaches caused by human error or lack of awareness.
    2. Enhanced Incident Response: Equipping employees with agile incident response techniques enables them to react quickly and effectively in the face of cyber incidents. This agility minimises the impact of security breaches, reduces downtime, and helps maintain business continuity.
    3. Improved Collaboration and Communication: Agile methodologies promote cross-functional collaboration and communication. When staff members adopt these practices, it fosters better coordination and knowledge sharing, leading to more efficient and effective cybersecurity efforts across teams and departments.
    4. Increased Adaptability: Agile ways of working enhance the organisation’s ability to adapt to evolving cybersecurity threats and challenges. Staff members trained in agile methodologies can quickly adjust their approach and tactics as new threats emerge, ensuring the organisation remains resilient and secure.
    5. Heightened Efficiency: Agile practices optimise workflows, streamline processes, and improve efficiency. By incorporating agile working methods into cybersecurity operations, the organisation can accomplish tasks more effectively and maximise the use of available resources.

Cybersecurity Resilience and Agile Ways of Working

Duration:  12 hours


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Training Overview:

The training on “Cybersecurity Resilience and Agile Ways of Working” aims to provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to comprehend the significance of cybersecurity resilience and how agile methodologies can improve their work approach. This training aims to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats, promote a culture of resilience, and introduce agile practices that can improve efficiency and effectiveness in daily operations.

Delivery Format
The course will involve a combination of activities such as lectures, group discussions, guided meditations, journaling exercises, and practical assignments to apply what has been learned.


The “Cybersecurity Resilience and Agile Ways of Working” training empowers staff members to become active contributors to the organisation’s cybersecurity efforts, promoting resilience, efficiency, and a proactive approach to risk management.



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