Plan your agile transformation and track your investment

Using Evidence Based Management and Agility path (EBMgt and AP)

Plan your transformation and become Agile with Akaditi’s experts. Akaditi offers transformation consulting to guide Organisational change, Agile and Lean skills training, and coaching to apply those practices in your projects and context. We help Executives and Senior Managers to understand their role in making Agility work in their Organisations.


Our Philosophy

Proving and improving the value of software in your organization.

Our Approach and framework

Following the three ingredients of the Evidence-Based Management approach, Akaditi’s Experts offer solutions that can help guide your journey towards an proving and improving the value of software for your organization.

In a first step, we will enable you to track every investment in improvements such as training or coaching, and compare it to the value the organization derives. Second, we can help evaluate the capabilities across your entire organization, resulting in a customized ordered backlog of improvements. Lastly, you can draw on our experience to guide your company in setting up mechanisms for continuous improvement necessary to increase its current and future value.

Agility Index Snapshot

How can you as an IT leader make the biggest impact on your organization? You manage investments based on ROI and value.

You know that frequent inspection of results will limit the risk of disruption. You influence the organization to create a culture that allows it to take advantage of opportunities before your competitors do. How do you get started? You can start by doing an Agility Index Snapshot looking at three (3) core metrics underpinned by eleven (11) supporting metrics aggregated into a number which tells you what your Agility Index is for a Product, Department or your entire Organisation...start measuring your investment in Agile from Day 1 and the return on investment from every change or piece of software that you collectiviely commit to as an organization.


Capability Spotlight

Shining a light on your organization’s capabilities and development practices enable informed decisions moving forward, identifying areas of improvement, and to incrementally build on its strengths to increase competitive advantage.

A Capability Spotlight creates a profile of your product development organization’s performance and operational capabilities. In addition to an Agility Index Snapshot, a Capabilities Spotlight examines your development organization’s current practices and rates them against usage of agile practices that enhance value, productivity, and quality.

Doing so enables you to build on your existing strengths and prioritize areas for improvement into a transformation backlog. A series of Snapshots reveals trends that help you manage your investments and optimize future capabilities.

Guided Improvement

Continuously improve- one step at a time Increasing the value of

software delivery to the organization is a journey; a journey of

continuous improvement.

Increasing enterprise value requires that top-down change management is connected to the bottom-up enthusiasm of Scrum.

By applying the Agile principles and values that have helped thousands of organizations innovate within software development, the Agility Guide provides a road-map for how organizations may increase your value throughout. Iterative improvements are focused on areas identified by the review of evidence in prior steps.

Evidence-Based Change is a highly customizable framework that approaches organizational learning and change towards agility in incremental steps. Guided Improvement leverages the framework to help you gather and analyze the key business and process data needed to assess the current state of your company in each of its critical function areas. A licensed EBMgt Expert works in tandem with a cross-functional management team within your organization to identify where improvements are most needed to have an immediate and positive impact on your company’s performance. Creating a culture of continuous improvement will put you on the path to competitive advantage or Start slow. We can begin by coaching a single pilot team in basic Agile skills.

Our Partner

We work with to help you by using the Evidence Based Management Framework and Agility Path tool (supported by the Agility Guide)

to transform organizations, we use Scaled Professional Scrum (the Nexus Guide) to help organizations scale up from one to many teams and finally we help you build your foundational capabilities by introducing your teams on the Shop floor to Scrum and a wide range of Certifications for Developers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

Meet our Agile Coaches

Experience that matters, Akaditi’s coaches are among the best in the world.

Widely regarded as thought leaders in Agile and Lean practices, our coaches have the experience and know-how your Organisation needs to turn Agile theory into successful Agile practices, tailored to your business and goals.


Our experience includes

Coaching for 500+ teams, plus facilitating enterprise-wide Agile adoption. Regularly contributing to software publications.
Speaking at industry and Agile conferences

Akaditi’s coaches have extensive experience guiding Organisations like yours through the successful adoption of Agile principles and best practices. We also partner with leading Agile coaches and trainers globally.

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